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14 Day Sugar Detox

When we feel well, we do well. So, give yourself these few days to jump start the next phase of your life. For two weeks it is all about you. You deserve this time to improve the quality of your life.

Give yourself a mini-reboot which can give you a brighter mood and sustained energy. This will in turn make you are more productive, more caring and more patient and have a positive impacts in all areas of your life.

We are talking about just 14 short days to give you what it takes to move forward with your goals.

In these 14 days, you will:

  • Clear out the frig & the pantry — lets face it, that oyster sauce has been there for years
  • Add in some fresh produce, and quality proteins and fats
  • Enjoy easy, tasty meals made from real food and detox shakes to up-regulate your detoxification system
  • Take 7 good minutes in the morning and the evening just for you

It’s  short and sweet, it’s easy peasy and you are worth it!

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Stop Guessing. Start Eating.

Do you suffer from frequent low energy, cravings, headaches, digestive problems, or fatigue? Do you feel uncomfortable at your current weight? Do your symptoms tend to be frequent and chronic? Do you suspect that certain foods may be making you sick? Are you interested in finding a more natural approach to treating your symptoms?

The Revitalize Digestion Program is an anti-inflammatory, elimination-challenge diet & gut healing program that gets to the root of the issues.

This program will teach you which foods support your health and which do not. You will learn what your body needs to feel energized and strong, to build immunity, and to keep cravings at bay.

Finally feel better.

Are you fed up with how you feel? Do you want natural solutions? Let’s talk about how I may help.

Yes, I want help!

This is about you and your goals.

It is not about the latest change-your-life diet book or what the doctor (or the internet) said you need to do. It’s about a plan that works for you – because if the plan does not suit you from the start it will not work in the long run. You need a plan that lets you meet and keep your goals.

I help people over 50 boost their energy, lose weight, sleep better and increase mental performance so that they can feel better, sharper and more confident. If this is your goal, I can deliver a plan.

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Know your destination and the path
will appear.

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Why Cooking Matters

If you want to know exactly what you are eating the only way to do that is to make what you eat yourself. You can chose every ingredient, every spice, how much salt, and all the other details to make it delicious. Choosing what you want to eat is the start of cooking.
Cooking starts with recipes of course. There are an endless supply of them. You can start with your Mom’s recipes. Or go with Julia Childs, Martin Yan, or Michael Chiarello. Find a magazine that has pretty pictures. Cut out what looks good. And make it a few times. If you do not like a recipe you do not have to keep it. You never have to make it again.
Recipes are just guidelines. They are ideas. Cooking happens when you shop. Imagine finding tomatoes that are in season for a price that seems unreal. That is when cooking starts. What can you make from them. What other parts go with the tomatoes. Am I prepared to spend the time to do all the things I imagine. Instead of tomatoes it might be a fish. The cheese sample might inspire. Only take away what will help you today.
Tying new things is fun. Have you ever made noodles from scratch? Making noodles is easy once you know how. How about a sauce. A broth. Hummus from beans. A new way to make salad. Cole slaw without using cabbage. If you don’t know where to start try a search starting with: recipe for ______

“Melissa is a joy to work with. I learned so much from her.”

J. F.

“I have enjoyed working with Melissa the past couple of years on overall nutrition and gut healthy food. I have had several health challenges after donating my liver in 2005 and Melissa has really helped me navigate my health issues. I recommend her without hesitation. She has also given me some really great recipes.”

K. W. D.

“When I learned of my pre-diabetic condition, my doctor asked if I wanted to talk with a Nutritionist. I believed I was reasonably knowledgeable about diet, nutrition and general health. In conversations with Melissa, I was immediately impressed with the scope of her knowledge, dedication to and flexibility in assisting me, and with her ability to share her passion and inspire me to research on my own to further our conversations. Melissa is fun to work with and her bright personality and genuine interest in people serve her well.”

T. O.

“Melissa’s expertise and guidance has been invaluable as I continue to educate myself on adapting a healthier lifestyle after overcoming kidney cancer.”


“Melissa’s support and dedication to my health plan (not gunna say diet) have been phenomenal! She has deeply researched some of my health issues and found remarkable solutions. I am so grateful to her. For years I have been struggling to get control of my weight and improve my energy. Melissa has helped me breakthrough my hardest roadblocks to achieving my goals!!! I cannot recommend her enough.”

B. M.

“Melissa’s intuitive sense of knowing the foods behind the symptoms is spot on.  She takes you on a journey of understanding your body and the relationship with the foods you eat.  Along the way, I learned so much about my cravings, my fatigue, my bloating, my hot flashes and the foods that were triggers.  I learned how to successfully substitute ingredients to my favorite recipes.  She gave me a true gift – The knowledge of healing my body with food.”

T. B.

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