My signature service is the Ace. The Ace is combination of curriculum and coaching, and is a program designed specifically for people over 50 who want to use food to improve their health. The Ace is a 3-session immersion course where we do a deep dive into current state of health, what your goals are, the steps you need to take to meet your goals and how I will guide you to success.

Curriculum and Coaching

In other words, I am your Project Manager. I provide you with a specific, strategically-developed plan and schedule meetings to review progress.  As a result of these meetings I provide feedback and guidance that help you meet your goal.

It Sounds Like Work

It is work. Have you ever worked with a physical therapist or a personal trainer? It’s hard work. But it is efficient work. They do an analysis and provide the best plan for success. And that’s what I do, too. I give you the paint brush and scaffolding (the how and the why), but you have to do to all the work (your picture of health).

Dollar Well Spent

I love what I do. I love seeing people meet a personal health goal by using food as medicine. I do the research and develop the plan — no more following the latest fad that is not suited for you. If you stick with the plan you will be set for success. Now that is money well spent.

We are all unique and that is why you deserve a personalized program tailored to your current health status and goals. Email me to create your personal program.


Get in Touch

A free of charge 15-minute chat where you let me know your health concerns and goals and to see if my services are right for you. Sign up now.

Initial Consultation: Setting Your Foundation for Health

90 minute in-person consultation. This is your foundation plan. I will review all your forms prior to our meeting so that I may prepare initial recommendations. In our time together, we will discuss follow up questions; clarify and prioritize your goal(s); review and refine the initial foundation plan guidelines and set an initial commitment contract. $150

Note: I will need your initial forms at least 3 days before our meeting.

The Ace

The Foundation consultation + 3 55-minute follow up sessions. Everything in the Initial Foundation program and 3 additional working sessions to full explore your goals and set a complete path to rejuvenation. Plus a weekly call, recipes, healthy handouts and unlimited email support for questions related to topics discussed. (For information or questions requiring research I request that you schedule an appointment.) $332 (the package is a 20% savings!)

Note: must be prepaid & complete within 3 months

Follow Up Sessions

25 or 55 minutes in-person, phone, or Skype consultation. These sessions support the foundation you have set by helping you stay motivated and on track. We will refine goals based on your achievements; tailor your plan guidelines and set new weekly commitment contracts. And yes, new recipes, tips and tricks. $40 or $80

Note: must be prepaid & complete within 3 months

Progress Reviews

15 minute sessions over the phone/Skype. Off to a great start but need a few tweaks, this plan offers you the ability to bounce ideas off me and further refine your plan to ensure success. $80 for 4 prepaid sessions (use within 3 months)

Note: must be prepaid & complete within 3 months.

Supplement Review

Not sure your current supplements meet your quality standards or support your current needs? I will review up to 6 supplements and give you a written report. $75

Note: must be prepaid & complete within 3 months.

Power of Two

25 or 55 minutes in-person, phone, or Skype consultation. It is so much nicer (and possibly easier) to meet a goal when you have support at home. Do you and your roommate or partner need a change? Have an unmet goal…we can do this! After your individual initial Foundation consultations, we will meet as a team to discuss strategies of how you can support each other in your goals. Two for the price of one! $40 or $75 for the two of you

Note: must be prepaid & complete within 3 months.

Team Health

Like the ideas above but want to work with a group of friends for the support you deserve? Well then, consider TEAM HEALTH! I lead group workshops to promote weight loss and blood sugar regulation consisting of six weekly 1-hour sessions with a group of 3-7 people.

Note: must be prepaid & complete within 3 months.

  • Weekly discussions of general nutrition and lifestyle modifications to help you make healthier choices
  • Commitment Contract to aid in meeting your goals
  • Wellness Binder for food/mood journals and handouts such as such as recipes and tip sheets
  • Basic supplement information
  • think of this like a “book club”

$85/person for 3-4 people, $60/person for 5-7…the more the merrier!

Kitchen Audit

Invite me over! No better way than to stay on plan then to make sure your kitchen supports your goals! 90-minute secession:

  • Together we will remove unhealthy items from your pantry
  • Review healthy alternatives
  • Discuss how to read food labels
  • Healthy handouts for future reference $105

Note: must be prepaid & complete within 3 months.