Indulge and Do Good


The holidays are generally a time when we ignore all of the good habits we have set for ourselves...but why not indulge and do good at the same time?! This plan will make it far

Indulge and Do Good2021-05-03T19:43:02-07:00

D is for Diet


  A diet should not be a temporary solution or a means to an end. A diet should not severely cut calories or entire food groups. A diet should not be a Band Aid. A

D is for Diet2021-04-19T20:26:16-07:00

March Is Nutrition Month #2 Post


Good nutrition is more than eating well. It is also ensuring that we eat and live clean. By this I mean we need to buy clean produce and ingredients for our cooking and clean products

March Is Nutrition Month #2 Post2021-04-12T19:42:36-07:00

March Is Nutrition Month


Looking forward to spring and all of the wonderful produce that it brings, I cannot think of a better month for nutrition month. And to celebrate, we are kicking off the month with...rhubarb? Yes, rhubarb!

March Is Nutrition Month2021-04-05T19:25:25-07:00

Learn to love exercise again


This is an excellent article on why exercise is necessary for health and a reminder of how easy and fun it can be to fit into our day: Link here

Learn to love exercise again2021-03-29T19:19:56-07:00

Green Day


I love the color green. Clicking around on the web you find many different meanings for the color. It is said to represent growth, rebirth, good luck, balance, stability, and endurance among other things; and

Green Day2021-03-22T17:25:48-07:00

The Skinny on Keto (and what to do instead)


The ketogenic diet has taken on new life over the past few years and the trend does not seem to be slowing. Originally developed in the 1920s as a therapeutic means to reduce epileptic seizures,

The Skinny on Keto (and what to do instead)2020-07-16T13:52:26-07:00

A quick message that explains a lot


According to classical Ayurvedic texts, "There is nothing in the world which does not have therapeutic utility in appropriate conditions and situations." Conversely, no food or herb is assumed to help everyone always. Remember we

A quick message that explains a lot2019-08-26T15:40:37-07:00

Day 30 of the 30 Soups, 30 Days Project


You made it - thanks for hanging with me! A quick Google search will yield all sorts of dessert soups. Like the breakfast soups, many are popular in other countries. They all look so fun

Day 30 of the 30 Soups, 30 Days Project2019-01-28T11:42:31-08:00