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Why you should be enjoying sun and salmon right now!  


Why you should be enjoying sun and salmon right now!    Having lived in New England for a few years, when I think of fall, I think of this visual. However, living in Oakland, California,

Why you should be enjoying sun and salmon right now!  2020-10-01T17:59:39-07:00

Bones, Health, #GivingTuesday and Soup


I am a volunteer for American Bone Health because I feel that bone health is not top of mind for the individual let alone our standard healthcare provider and this really needs to change. Today

Bones, Health, #GivingTuesday and Soup2022-01-14T08:46:32-08:00

New Year, New You?


Happy New Year! Many times, we start the new year by making resolutions for a new and improved version of ourselves – a Melissa 5.0 in my case. But maybe we do not really want

New Year, New You?2022-01-07T09:07:45-08:00

Internet Restriction


I have been on internet restriction for a few weeks for reasons I will not bother you with. Yesterday, I followed a link from an email. Sadly, that one link led to another and another

Internet Restriction2021-12-31T07:47:16-08:00

Exercise is more than a walk in the park…


…and this is great news as it gives us so many opportunities for adding movement to our lives. I hope you like the following suggestions and look forward to your great ideas for fitting in

Exercise is more than a walk in the park…2021-12-24T05:54:11-08:00

Kale Sucks!


Kale Sucks! That is what a very smart and funny guy said to me the other day. Yes, it is true some people just do not feel the love that is going around for this

Kale Sucks!2021-12-17T06:48:26-08:00

I Don’t Have Time To Stretch


I say this, and my husband does too. But really when I stop and think about it, this is just not true. There are so many ways to work stretching into our days. Here are

I Don’t Have Time To Stretch2021-12-10T08:00:40-08:00

Your Body Needs Everything All The Time


I am sure you are familiar with various diet trends – no carb, low carb, no fat, high protein – the stream of new and revisited diets is endless. Unfortunately it is not as simple

Your Body Needs Everything All The Time2021-12-03T06:41:25-08:00

A quick message that explains a lot


According to classical Ayurvedic texts, "There is nothing in the world which does not have therapeutic utility in appropriate conditions and situations." Conversely, no food or herb is assumed to help everyone always. Remember we

A quick message that explains a lot2021-11-26T06:41:46-08:00

Day 30 of the 30 Soups, 30 Days Project


You made it - thanks for hanging with me! A quick Google search will yield all sorts of dessert soups. Like the breakfast soups, many are popular in other countries. They all look so fun

Day 30 of the 30 Soups, 30 Days Project2021-11-19T06:14:40-08:00