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Resting and Relaxing


May 2019 Newsletter Re-post Hello and Happy May Day! I hope you are well and enjoying all the beauty of spring. Rest and Digest We all have heard the term “Fight or Flight” but

Resting and Relaxing2022-03-25T08:08:20-07:00

Let food be your medicine


Advice from Hippocrates, “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food” has proved true for 2,500 years! Hypertension (high blood pressure), prediabetes and osteoporosis are often asymptomatic for years. A yearly checkup will

Let food be your medicine2022-03-18T09:19:43-07:00

Quality + NEAT Tricks = Happy Spring


Spring 2019 Newsletter Post April 03, 2019 Hello and happy spring! The longer days are so lovely. Did you build a new habit last month? I hope you found something to inspire and support you.

Quality + NEAT Tricks = Happy Spring2022-03-04T08:27:47-08:00

Day 3 of the 30 Days, 30 Soups Project


Okroshka - Cold Kefir Soup From Russia While it may be the dead of winter for many of you, the sun was shining bright and it was warmish in Oakland so I could not resist

Day 3 of the 30 Days, 30 Soups Project2022-02-25T07:22:31-08:00

30 Days, 30 Soups


For the next 30 days I will post one soup recipe each day - starting the new year off with easy, tasty ways to bring veggies into our day. First up is a soup using

30 Days, 30 Soups2022-02-18T07:34:07-08:00

Be Aware of Liquid Calories


Liquid meals and snacks are quick to prepare and easy to consume on the go – the ideal solution for our modern, multitasking way of living.  From juicing and smoothies to sports recovery drink or

Be Aware of Liquid Calories2022-02-04T09:49:38-08:00

The Humble Collard Green


Today we have a beautiful rain storm here and we are so happy for it. And since the trees still have their winter look, a warm dish for dinner is the plan. A few years

The Humble Collard Green2022-01-28T08:13:21-08:00

Medical & Recreational Cannabis Tip


I live in an area where medical and recreational marijuana (cannabis) is now legal. With all of the news, I have been wondering if the addition of recreational cannabis will stir more people to explore

Medical & Recreational Cannabis Tip2022-01-21T07:50:58-08:00