Happy New Year!

Many times, we start the new year by making resolutions for a new and improved version of ourselves – a Melissa 5.0 in my case. But maybe we do not really want a new and improved version. Maybe we are just going along with the society norm that says we need to start the year off right by improving ourselves because we are not good enough.

I am sure you are thinking, “Wait, we could all use improvement and what better time to start than after an extended period of holiday indulgence?!” And truth be told, that can be a great motivator.

But the real question is two-part: do I need a new me AND do I want a new me? Needing to change and wanting to change are two different things.

Needing comes from an analytical place, a thoughtful analysis of our physical and emotional health status. The hard facts presented by the lab tests, the scale, the length of endurance and speed, and general happiness with overall life.

Wanting comes from an emotional place, the desire to be more thin, more fit, stronger, to do and have it all just like the media promises.

Needing and wanting can both be great initial motivators but together than can create a lasting change.

So, as you think about promises made over the last month and look towards this new year, truly think about what you need and what you want for yourself (not for someone else). This will set you up for a positive start to the new year AND a successful finish at the end.