I say this, and my husband does too. But really when I stop and think about it, this is just not true. There are so many ways to work stretching into our days. Here are some ways to work stretching into your day:

  1. When picking something up from off the floor, bend deeply from the waist (loose knees). Pick up one item at a time
  2. While waiting for the coffee or tea to brew, stretch your upper body and do a downward dog
  3. Cleaning house offers all sorts of opportunities – dusting high or washing windows allows you to stretch your arms/shoulders up; do the warrior pose while reaching to dust a surface or vacuuming; bending to clean low
  4. Get a headset and stretch your neck and shoulders while on the phone
  5. Get an exercise ball and stretch your back, hips, ankles and hamstrings while sitting at your desk
  6. Sit on the floor and sort your mail while stretching your hips
  7. Before getting out of bed, sit up and touch your toes and reach your arms to the sky
  8. Wiggle while waiting for the bus
  9. Bend deeply or squat to pet an animal or talk to a small child

If you can touch your toes or even get off of the floor without using your hands, don’t ever stop. Really! If you do 5 years from now you will be cursing yourself and in 20 you will wonder how you ever did that…and starting all over again after 20 years is far more difficult. Remember that one minute is better than none and you might even enjoy it so much that you add another 5.