Day 3 of the 30 Days, 30 Soups Project


Okroshka - Cold Kefir Soup From Russia While it may be the dead of winter for many of you, the sun was shining bright and it was warmish in Oakland so I could not resist

Day 3 of the 30 Days, 30 Soups Project2019-06-16T05:00:05-07:00

30 Days, 30 Soups


For the next 30 days I will post one soup recipe each day - starting the new year off with easy, tasty ways to bring veggies into our day. First up is a soup using

30 Days, 30 Soups2019-06-15T11:09:52-07:00

Be Aware of Liquid Calories


Liquid meals and snacks are quick to prepare and easy to consume on the go – the ideal solution for our modern, multitasking way of living.  From juicing and smoothies to sports recovery drink or

Be Aware of Liquid Calories2019-06-14T09:36:48-07:00

The Humble Collard Green


Today we have a beautiful rain storm here and we are so happy for it. And since the trees still have their winter look, a warm dish for dinner is the plan. A few years

The Humble Collard Green2019-06-13T21:21:51-07:00

Medical & Recreational Cannabis Tip


I live in an area where medical and recreational marijuana (cannabis) is now legal. With all of the news, I have been wondering if the addition of recreational cannabis will stir more people to explore

Medical & Recreational Cannabis Tip2019-06-13T08:27:03-07:00

Bones, Health, #GivingTuesday and Soup


I am a volunteer for American Bone Health because I feel that bone health is not top of mind for the individual let alone our standard healthcare provider and this really needs to change. Today

Bones, Health, #GivingTuesday and Soup2019-06-12T19:58:38-07:00

New Year, New You?


Happy New Year! Many times, we start the new year by making resolutions for a new and improved version of ourselves – a Melissa 5.0 in my case. But maybe we do not really want

New Year, New You?2019-06-12T07:03:57-07:00

Internet Restriction


I have been on internet restriction for a few weeks for reasons I will not bother you with. Yesterday, I followed a link from an email. Sadly, that one link led to another and another

Internet Restriction2019-06-11T17:59:00-07:00

Exercise is more than a walk in the park…


…and this is great news as it gives us so many opportunities for adding movement to our lives. I hope you like the following suggestions and look forward to your great ideas for fitting in

Exercise is more than a walk in the park…2019-06-11T05:10:34-07:00