Why you should be enjoying sun and salmon right now!  


Why you should be enjoying sun and salmon right now!    Having lived in New England for a few years, when I think of fall, I think of this visual. However, living in Oakland, California,

Why you should be enjoying sun and salmon right now!  2020-10-01T17:59:39-07:00

Kale Sucks!


Kale Sucks! That is what a very smart and funny guy said to me the other day. Yes, it is true some people just do not feel the love that is going around for this

Kale Sucks!2023-12-05T20:52:29-08:00

New Year, New You?


Happy New Year! Many times, we start the new year by making resolutions for a new and improved version of ourselves – a Melissa 5.0 in my case. But maybe we do not really want

New Year, New You?2023-12-05T19:36:36-08:00

Indulge and Do Good


The holidays are generally a time when we ignore all of the good habits we have set for ourselves...but why not indulge and do good at the same time?! This plan will make it far

Indulge and Do Good2023-12-05T12:00:52-08:00

Green Day


I love the color green. Clicking around on the web you find many different meanings for the color. It is said to represent growth, rebirth, good luck, balance, stability, and endurance among other things; and

Green Day2023-12-05T11:00:33-08:00

Resting and Relaxing


May 2019 Newsletter Re-post Hello and Happy May Day! I hope you are well and enjoying all the beauty of spring. Rest and Digest We all have heard the term “Fight or Flight” but

Resting and Relaxing2023-12-05T06:54:37-08:00

March Is Nutrition Month


Looking forward to spring and all of the wonderful produce that it brings, I cannot think of a better month for nutrition month. And to celebrate, we are kicking off the month with...rhubarb? Yes, rhubarb!

March Is Nutrition Month2023-12-05T05:44:41-08:00

Internet Restriction


I have been on internet restriction for a few weeks for reasons I will not bother you with. Yesterday, I followed a link from an email. Sadly, that one link led to another and another

Internet Restriction2023-12-05T04:54:42-08:00

5 Steps to Glowing Skin from the Inside Out


I’m going to tell you two wildly important things about your skin right out of the gate: Number 1: your skin is the heaviest and largest organ of your body. Number 2: your skin is

5 Steps to Glowing Skin from the Inside Out2023-12-05T03:52:14-08:00